Research Equipment

The Institute is a combination of the Department of Interior Design and the Department of Architecture and Environmental Design. It is the main teaching equipment in the Department of Interior Design, including: art professional classrooms, model making classrooms, woodworking classrooms, space creation workshops, Computer-aided simulation computing and design laboratory, professional high-level design classroom, space material application laboratory, human environment digital simulation research room, interior design research room, fire and flame resistant materials research room, digital ring simulation research room, environmental aesthetics Research room, urban and rural culture research room, and space gene design research room. The Department of Architecture and Environmental Design has a traditional painting laboratory and a science museum for preservation of monuments. The teaching equipment includes: electronic theodolite, ultrasonic detector and oscilloscope, wood moisture meter, wood hardness tester, strength penetration instrument, concrete moisture meter, salt concentration. Meters, steel detectors, concrete strength test hammers, steel corrosion analysis detectors, digital universal testing machines, monumental digital measurement systems and other related equipment and software.