Teaching Direction

First, in the school’s design school education goals: “In accordance with the school’s educational philosophy, in line with the country’s construction and development needs, macro international vision, based on local thinking, enhance humanities, art and technology conservation, implement knowledge innovation and learning and use, cultivation tools Under the high-level design talents of creative R&D, planning and execution capabilities, the firm’s educational goals are: “Cultivate both global and local environmental concerns, interior design development and space applications, cultural assets and building technologies, theory and creativity. The ability to balance the development of the building and the overall environmental design planning and implementation of talent.”

2. The curriculum of the Institute is divided into three major modules, namely the “Cultural Assets Preservation Group”, the “Architectural and Urban and Rural Development Group” and the “Indoor and Digital Environment Group”. Beginning in the 103 academic year, the course is divided into two major courses: “Permanent Building Technology Module” and “Creative Design Module”. Students can take credits as they wish.

(1) Sustainable Building Technology Module Course

1. Building and indoor environmental diagnosis

2. Livable urban and rural practice

3. Sustainable and innovative campus design

4. Environmental adjustment technology

5. Indoor safety and green construction application

(2) Creative Design Module Course

1.Indoor architecture

2.Cultural industry creative design operation

3.Community building

4.Cultural asset preservation and regeneration

5.Mathematical design