Department Introduce

The Institute of Architecture and Interior Design integrates the resources of the School of Design, with the interior design department as the main body and the application outside the Institute of Architecture and Interior Design as the main axis of the research, through the teaching and research of the two departments. The use of resources to rebuild the “Building and Interior Design Research” higher education department oriented to the “Quality Indoor and Outdoor Environment and Sustainable Healthy Human Space”.

The Shude Science and Technology Building and Interior Design Institute is a faculty member integrating six major fields: preservation and maintenance techniques at home and abroad, urban and rural space culture, architectural theory and analysis, sustainable building environment and analysis, interior space design theory, and environmental aesthetics. There are three modules including “Cultural Assets Preservation Group”, “Architectural and Urban and Rural Development Group” and “Indoor and Digital Environment Group” to integrate the new professional division of labor in the future, and also to create a first integrated building for the domestic technical system in the southern region. Institutions of higher learning, indoor and digital design studies, and provide students with professional training combined with the advantages of the practical community.